Clever Investing
focuses on dynamic
people-orientated businesses

We're not just the flow of capital but also a stream of knowledge, experience & guidance from investors who understand your business.

Equity Growth Through Partnerships

Burrow Capital is an Investment Holding Company providing advisory services, equity and debt financing to companies in the Financial Technology, Human Resources, Advertising Technology and Corporate Services Industries.

We don't invest in innovations or proof of concepts. We're focused on investing in companies who have laid their foundations and require the additional resources to expand their services, footprint and success. 

Burrow Capital offers companies a wealth of experience in building businesses with a strong emphasis on process and cost reduction through automation. As such, the portfolio of Burrow Capital is largely technology drivers and software as a service (SaaS) focused.

Our Areas of Capital & Consulting Investment Expertise 

AdTech/Digital Media


Human Resources

Corporate Services

Burrow Capital

Growth Starts on Strong Foundations

Focusing on developing businesses, developing people, developing industries. 

Working Capital

Funding your business is not simply about keeping the lights on, capital is needed for future growth.

Relationship Capital

We aim to help open new doors, offer new hands to shake and show off your ideas to new markets and audiences.

Human Capital

Get access to personnel to assist with business development, staffing and building your organisation.

Intellectual Capital

Get advice and experiential investments from leading companies already operating in your field.

The business world is filled with individuals that know the price of everything but the value of nothing

Portfolio Companies


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